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Bike Jump is a top-tier new motorcycle racing and driving game in 3D from our website, a game that gives you the chance to make tons of crazy jumps with your motorbike, and that is because it is a sport off-road model, not the long-runner ones like choppers, and we will now teach you how to make those jumps, flips, and tricks so that you can experience the game to your best abilities!

Your objective in this game is to complete each level by hitting the target mark with your rider. When you start a game, you will be stationed at the top of a giant ramp. Use the W key or press on the left mouse button to move forward. Keep pressing the button to gain speed. Once you reach the end of the ramp, release the button just before you jump. When airborne click on the button again to jump off of your bike. Then you can use your jetpack. Remember, your objective is to hit the big target mark. Use the W key or click on the screen to use your jetpack to line up yourself with the target. If you can't hit the mark on your first try don't worry! With each attempt, you will earn coins. These can be used to upgrade your stats. Have many levels can you complete?

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How to play:

Press the W key or the left mouse button to ride the bike and control your jetpack.

Published by company: 2Play
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