Hillside Drive Master game

Hillside Drive Master is a swipe-based racing game where your mission is to reach the mountaintop with stickmen in your car's trunk. You can toss them out during the drive, but be sure to reach the finish line.

The cargo will be unusual - multi-colored stickmen in a deranged state. They are piled in the back and your task is to bring at least three little men to the finish line. The road is full of surprises, but there are also many pleasant surprises in the form of scattered coins and whole piggy banks. Collect them, but most importantly, avoid obstacles so that the trip is not resolved ahead of time. The road in Hillside Drive Master will move upward all the time, because the finish is at the top of the mountain.

Hillside Drive Master is not merely a collectible puzzle game but also an arcade dodge game. You can control a truck with multiple stick figure bodies, as long as you can reach the finish line. When you complete some levels, you can win prizes in chests. You can challenge yourself to transport the entire stickman body to the top of the mountain road.

How to play: Swipe to control directions and hold to accelerate.

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