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Bus Stop is an exciting and challenging game in which you are a bus driver. It’s not a simulator game where you normally drive your bus from the starting point to the finish point within a given time like many options at ABCya racing. Instead, your mission is to pick up and drop off your passengers to their destination safely. At each level, you will stop at several bus stops to pick up passengers. Then, before you drop them at their destination, you have to go through several options and crossroads. Luckily, you don’t have to clear each level within a specific amount of time.

So, don’t rush. Drive your bus slowly to pass all obstacles such as vehicles, animals, and so on. If you cause any accidents, you have to restart that level. At the end of each level when you drop off all passengers, you will be rewarded with money. Then, you quickly move to the bus sign to move to the next level. As many games, the challenging level won’t be the same. You will find the difficulty increases after each level. You will face more obstacles and as an experienced bus driver, you can tackle them all for sure.

Keep in mind that driving at high speed is never a good idea. Slowing down and keeping yourself as well as your passengers safe is the top priority. Nothing is more important than safety. The gameplay is simple, isn’t it? The controls are also easy. You just need to click and hold your mouse to make your bus move ahead, and release your mouse to stop.



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