Crafty Miner game

Crafty Miner is a resource mining game where you play as a miner that must go deep down in the cave to dig up the most expensive minerals. Also become rich by doing it.

Venture down a dark and forgotten mine and mine rare minerals. Become the richest miner in Crafty Miner. An unforgettable experience awaits in the mine! Unlock new levels, find rare metals, sell them at the store and buy new tools with the money you earn. You can upgrade your character in the same manner or even hire new workers who will be mining faster. The beautiful 3D graphics and deep atmosphere will make the game even more enjoyable for you. Don’t wait and start playing!

Unlock new tiers, find valuable and rare resources, sell them and craft yourself a more powerful pickaxe. Sell the resources you find and upgrade your character, hire new workers and dig many times faster.



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Andy Games

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