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Kill zombies to avoid the approaching apocalypse in the game Death Driver at ABCya3 . What do you need to do to help you conquer this task? First, you need to drive your car on a not-so-simple road. There will be steeper roads. Surprise with obstacles you need to combine a lot of skills. Drive at a moderate speed so you don't go too fast and overturn your vehicle.

Let's overcome all the obstacles ahead to collect a high amount of money. You can stab all the ghosts that are on the road in front of you to kill them. Combine a lot of different actions to be able to get in the car and drive in a zombie city with ease. The gaps in the road are also dangerous places and you can fall at any time. Focus on and be careful with your driving speed. Control everything to the best of your ability. Be proactive in this speed tank adventure war. Follow the rules and tricks to increase the score and collect all the other stars.

Upgrade your moves to add lots of better cars. You can buy more weapons with your money earned. Make the car with a really fast speed forward and combine a lot of actions. Your adventure and bravery to destroy the enemy together. Fly through all the steep ramps and hit the zombies that are moving on this road. Invite your friends to join the game Death Driver to share a lot of interesting things ahead. What are you waiting for?

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Use mouse arrow keys to co-drive your car.

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