Drag Race 3D game

Racing games always get the most picks compared to other genres of games. Do you know why? Because you can feel the blood pumping in your vein when you drive at high speed. This genre gives you a satisfying experience that you rarely find in other genres. So, if you’re ready to join another epic race, let’s dig into Drag Race! and experience one of the most epic races ever.

It’s super simple yet challenging and addicting. You won’t control your car directly. Instead, your car will auto-move ahead and your task is to look at the meter on the right sight of the screen and wait until the stick goes to the green level, tap or click on the screen at that moment to speed up. You have 3 times to gain speed and if you miss, you lose. If you take action when the arrow goes to the green level, your car will be boosted to the fullest. Wait and time your action to gain speed and pass your opponent. Leave him behind and don’t give him any chance to catch up with you and pass you.

There is only one racing track. What makes each race different is upgrades and new cars. You will earn money by winning the race and you can use money to upgrade the car’s Engine, Tired, and Nitro as well as buy new cars in the store. You will feel the difference each time you upgrade. The more you upgrade your car, the more money you get. Keep it in your mind and besides this ABCya racing game, why don’t you check out the following options Color Race 3D and Snow Rider 3D?

Instructions: Mouse.

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