Noob Vs Pro 4 Lucky Block game

Noob Vs Pro 4 Lucky Block is a funny adventure game where you join a noob and pro Minecraft character as they go on an adventure full of unexpected twists and turns to get and open Lucky Block.

In the game Noob VS Pro 4 Lucky Block YOU are the PRO and will have to show how become a master of adventure to the noob who constantly follows you... But it will not be easy, at the begining of your professional adventurer's life you will fail many times, beaten miserably by low level monsters. But you must not give up, otherwise it's a shame because the noob who follows you has so much hope in you! You will have to improve your equipment, increase your energy and also use this famous potion with strange powers at the right time (even the pros sometimes need a little pick-me-up)! But the equipment is not everything, to successfully reach the end of a level you will need a pro skill and avoid being hit by enemies. A long adventure awaits you, the game offers 9 levels with varied gameplay as well as a surprising mini archery game.

How to play:

Use your moouse.

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Noob vs Pro team

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