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A new game is coming to ABCya3 !! Have fun for free now play Happy Racing online a rough motorcyclist gets on his beloved motorcycle and decides to travel the roads of the world on his way to collect gold that is scattered through the streets of the city, have fun controlling the speed of the motorcycle decides well when to turn and collect gold coins.

Happy Racing is about crazy characters who drive all kinds of vehicles and try to reach the finish line by all means. Expect a SUPER GORY crash of cars and tons of extraordinary vehicles! Guts and glory, and MORE MADNESS you've never seen bee!

Happy Racing Online tests your motorcycle riding with 18 levels full of challenges. It can be a happy ride only if you can control the movement of your Motorcycle well. You have to meet 2 requirements in each level including reach the finish line and reach the finish line within a certain amount of time. Otherwise, you can’t move to the next stage. The key points to succeed in that mission are know how to keep balance and the right moment to jump and accelerate.

Speed control is also important. Slow down when you go through pumps or ramps. Accelerate as you need momentum to fly over distances and when you land, make sure you land with both 2 wheels. The road isn’t straight and so many obstacles are placed there to challenge you. It’s hard to control the speed, keep balancing and pay attention to the obstacles and reach the finish line within a given time at once.

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W to accelerate, S to brake, right/left arrow keys to rotate, Spacebar to jump.

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