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Hexa Cars online is the newly replenished game from the collection at ABCya 3 kid game that is filled with different elements of surviving, crafting, collecting, discovering, and killing to make your individual kingdom. Not only will you need to stay alive using the given resources but you also need to try and conquer the other's territories.

This is a brand new survival game with a unique hexa map that is made of smaller hexagon pieces. The pieces are destructible and will randomly be detached, whether your vehicle is on it or not. One of the most important tasks is to estimate the moment that the pieces will detach and move from one platform to another in time. In one match, there'll be 15 different players competing for the title of the best driver. Different levels include separate maps that have several floors and a unique number of pieces. As you win some levels, new ones with harder structures will be unlocked for your next targets. Other than the elaborated gameplay, another highlight for this game is the option of 2 gaming modes.

The players can select from two available options of 1-player and 2-players so it's suitable either for a simple 1-on-1 game against the CPU or your friends. There is no count for coins or any currency but each hexagon shall be calculated as one coin. Keep going through more and more platform blocks to unlock new cars and new challenges as well as interesting items for boosters. It's tough for newbies to control the movement and to balance the cars on such as tough platform, however, your skills will enhance greatly after a few trials.


Drive with arrows or WASD, jump using the spacebar.

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RHM Interactive

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2 Player





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