Real Drone Simulator game

Real Drone Simulator is a realistic drone flying game for those who can’t afford a real drone or just don’t have the time to go out and take a nice fly. You can play this game online and for free on Start by purchasing your DJI or Parrot drone and take it to the field. Try to control the aircraft vehicle as good as possible to collect all coins without crashing it against obstacles, such as buildings, trees or rocks.

Drone Selection: In drone simulation games like "Real Drone Simulator," players often have the option to choose from a variety of drones, each with its own unique characteristics and abilities. Some may be better suited for racing, while others are designed for capturing images or completing specific tasks.

Game Modes: As you mentioned, "Real Drone Simulator" offers three different modes. These modes may include free flight, racing against the clock or other players, and completing missions or challenges. The specific objectives can vary based on the mode you select.

Controls: Controlling the drone is a crucial aspect of the game. The controls are typically designed to simulate the experience of flying a real drone. The controls often include options for adjusting altitude, pitch, roll, and yaw. Depending on the game's platform (mobile, PC, console), you may use a combination of buttons, joysticks, or touch controls to maneuver the drone.

Challenges and Objectives: In addition to free flight, drone simulation games often include challenges and objectives. These could involve tasks like flying through specific checkpoints, capturing images of designated areas, or avoiding obstacles.

Realistic Physics: Many drone simulation games aim to provide a realistic flight experience by incorporating accurate physics modeling. This means that the drone's movements and behavior in the game mimic those of a real drone.

Controlling key:

WASD = move,

I = up, K = down,

J / L = rotate

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