Popcorn Race 3D game

Popcorn Race 3D is an exciting and challenging game that promises to bring you hours of fun. In one of the latest additions at https://abcya3games.net/, you will make friends with a corn cob. Yes, it’s appearing naked and it needs your help to gather as many corn kernels as possible to fill up all cornrows on it. On the runway, you lead the corn cob to run forwards the beautiful yellow corn kernels and bypass a series of dangers including burning coals, grilled sausages, torches, and so on.

If the cob has collected some corn kernels and it hits one of those dangers, all the corn kernels will turn into popcorn and that is what you have to avoid in this game. While collecting corn kernels, you also need to pick up slices of cobs to make your original cob become bigger. The more corn kernels and slices of cobs you collect, the bigger your corn becomes and the higher level of points you get at the end of each level in this game. When your corn crosses the finish line, it will run through a series of torches that make it cooked.

Finally, all corn kernels become popcorn and it becomes naked. In the next level, you once again help the corn cob gather corn kernels. After each level, you earn coins, and coins are used to upgrade the level of Corn Num, Butter Acce, and Reward Coin. You can log in to the game to get a daily reward and have a free spin to get coins each day.



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