Stunt Biker 3D game

Get ready for a cool motorbike racing game that just arrives to It’s called Stunt Biker 3D. It has a lot of amazing features waiting for you to discover. Here, you will have a chance to satisfy your need for speed and you can perform death-defying stunts if you have the skills. There are 3 game modes including Impossible, Challenge, and Racing and each mode consist of 14 levels. You have to finish level one to unlock the next level.

Each mode has its own requirements and brings to you a different gaming experience and you don’t want to miss any mode for sure. In Impossible mode, you have to make something impossible possible. Crossing the finish line within a given time is your main objective here. You have 3 lives and a certain amount of time on each level. If you die, you will revive and keep riding towards the finish line but if time runs out, you have to restart that level. In Challenge mode, you have to finish a specific mission on each level.

For example, you have to reach the finish line before time runs out or avoid rolling rocks or jumping over the windmill, and so on. So what about the Racing mode in this game? Well, here, you will race against a racer and if you cross the finish line first, the next level will be unlocked. Otherwise, you have to try one more time. Try to complete each level and earn money to unlock a new motorbike that has a better engine, brake, and tires as well as purchase new characters. Don’t hesitate anymore. Take a deep breath and start racing now. Besides, remember that new games will be added each day.


Arrow keys or WASD and Shift key for nitro.

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