Trial 2 Player Moto Racing game

Trial 2 Player Moto Racing is one of the latest racing games offering 2 game modes and 10 challenging levels in each mode. You can race against other racers controlled by AI in Single-Player mode or play with your friend on the same device in the 2-player mode. Whatever game mode you choose, your main objective is to finish first to unlock new levels. Only when you reach the finish line first can you experience the next level.

At each level, you will have a chance to conquer a challenging racing track. Something likes slopes, spiral roads, ramps and more are what you will go through. If you are not good at controlling your motorbike, you may fall off the track. However, you can respawn and keep your racing journey going. There is no limitation in terms of how many times you can respawn. Like other racing games, you will get money as a reward when you win and with that money, you can unlock new vehicles in the store. Note that in 2-player game mode, you both races against your friend and other racers but you guys don’t join a race. The screen will split into two parts and each player races against 3 rivals. However, you still compete against your friend when it comes to the one who reaches the finish line first.

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In Single Player mode, use arrow keys to drive and steer,

Space for nitro,

N/M to kick your rivals,

and H to respawn.

In 2-player mode,

Player 1 uses SFED to drive and steer,

Shift for nitro,

W/R to kick other racers and C to respawn,

and Player 2 uses arrow keys to drive and steer,

Space for nitro,

N/M to kick other racers and H to respawn.

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