Drift Race 3D game

Drift Race 3D is an exciting drift driving game that tests your driving skills in different challenges. There are 2 modes for you to choose from including level-based mode and endless mode. In this awesome game, your car auto-runs forward and the race track in each level is designed in a zig zag style. You have to tap or press and hold your left mouse to turn right, release to turn left at the right time to make sure your car always stays on the road. Just one second, your car can fall off the road and you have to start that level once again.

Timing is one of the most important factors that affect your result. Drift too soon or too late makes you fail. You won’t race against any cars here, although you see a car running along with you. That car seems to be there to make you distracted. Don’t look at it and don’t even care about it. Even that car reaches the finish line before you, you still move to the next level.

On ABCya 3, the endless mode isn’t different from the level-based mode much in terms of control and gameplay. You also have to turn right at the perfect moment. The only difference is that the road is endless and your ultimate objective is to run as far as possible. Your achievement bases on how many meters you can go. Between two levels, you can spin the lucky spin to earn money or unlock a new car if you’re lucky enough.


Tap or press and hold your left mouse to turn right, release to turn left.

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