Eco Recycler game

Eco Recycler is an arcade game that puts you in the role of an environmental worker, tasked with the important task of cleaning up the city's trash. In this exciting game, you transform into a recycling champion, specializing in turning trash into valuable resources for our planet.

In this game, we want to invite you to recycle waste. In front of you on the screen you will see a location in which you can locate your waste processing factory. You will need to run through it and collect the bundles of money scattered everywhere. Then, with this money, you will be able to purchase various equipment that is needed for the operation of the factory and place it in the places of your choice. Then you will begin to accept garbage and begin recycling. For this you will receive points in the game. With them you can purchase new equipment and hire employees in the Eco Recycler game.

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Instruction to play: Mouse

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Andy Games

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