Fighter Legends Duo game

Fighter Legends Duo is a 3D fighting game where martial arts, magic, weapons and superpowers come together. Choose your fighter and engage in adrenaline-fueled battles across different arenas.

The fighting adventure will be in various places like temples, military areas, deserts, caves, and many other places. The fighters are picked from legendary fighters of all time and this will be All Star fighting tournament. Pick the fighter take your place in the fighting arena and start fighting against these super-talented fighters.

Choose your warrior and step onto the hallowed grounds of the fighting arena, where you'll face off against an array of super-talented combatants. It's time to unleash your martial prowess and prove your mettle in the ultimate test of skill and strategy. Fighter Legends Duo is your ticket to an adrenaline-pumping, action-packed brawl of epic proportions!

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Game controls:

Player 1
WASD = move
F = punch
G = kick
H = special ability
F = next round
Player 2
Arrow keys = move
K = punch
L = kick
J = special ability
F = next round

Published by company:

RHM Interactive

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