Merge Fighting 3D game

The Merge Fighting 3D game is a free online tactical action game. In which you will merge different warriors to create stronger warriors and fight with enemies. You can choose from many different types of warriors, from ninjas, samurai, and archers to dragons, monsters, robots, and more. Use your skills and tactics to unite warriors to suit each match and each opponent. You will also be able to upgrade and customize your warriors to increase their strength and survivability. This is an entertaining and stimulating game. You will not only have fun but also practice your observation, reflexes, and strategic thinking skills when playing this game.

At the start of each level, you can purchase new units and place them in one of the cells.
You can also combine two identical units to merge them into a more powerful one. Simply drag one unit over to a matching one. This will free up new slots, although you can also purchase new cells to station your units.

During battle, you can also summon a comet when the bar in the top left corner is full. Aim your comet at a cluster of your opponents to blast them into oblivion.

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Instruction to play: Use the mouse to select items and move them.

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