Garten Of Rainbow Monsters game

Overcome all the challenges of the online game called Garten Of Rainbow Monsters. You will fight and win special wars of ABCya3. Choose your hero Jack or Sara and battle fearsome enemies like BanBan, Blue, Captain Fiddes, Cat, Huggy Wuggy, Jumbo Josh, and NabNab. Unleash powerful attacks, defeat monsters, and progress through stages. The formidable boss will appear in the final battle. Get ready for the entire battle process that our online game suggests for players to join. Save the garden from the Rainbow Monster.

The fate of the garden is in your hands. Players easily perfect every part of the game with new gameplay and special skills. Move through locations and attack monsters to complete the mission of this war. Any player has the opportunity to enter the special game space with new battles and game tips. Don't hesitate to join the gameplay you want today. Countless players have enjoyed their leisure time without spending much time searching. Become a good player through the game you have today. Discover unique ways to play with the characters of your choice from the very beginning.

We help players discover different lessons through many special editions at Countless ways of playing can help you in this turn. Unlock new challenges and try to be a good online player to share with your friends how to participate in your spare time. Many players have completed sections to become good players. You can make decisive attacks to defeat all rainbow enemies.

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How to play:

Arrow keys to move, ZXC to attack and dodge, space to jump

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