Mini Fighters Strike game

"Mini Fighters Strike" is an excellent game for those who don't mind scratching their fists and showing off their challenging warrior skills. If you are one of the fans of street fights, get comfortable and get your fingers ready. It's about to get very hot, and you'll need all the agility and reaction speed you can muster! The game consists of three modes: story, two-player, and against the computer. Choose what you like best and start choosing your fighter. These guys are small in size, but they are great warriors and have great power and combat experience.

Instruction to play:

You might want to know your controls before you actually dive into the game, no? Well, here they are:

  • Player 1 uses WASD to move, F, G to punch, C or V to kick, H, B for a special hit.
  • Player 2 uses the ARROWS to move, U, I to punch, J or K to kick, and O, L for a special hit.

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