Merge Race 3D game

Welcome the fastest racer to the new ABCya3 racing game with a special jungle theme! This time, instead of controlling cars, vehicles, or other items to catch up on the fast race, the kids will participate in a new version of the game in the role of a specific character! You choose your desired role of jungle animals and merge with others on the track to evolve and win! This game of Merge Race 3D comes with a fabulous 3D graphic design setting, along with one of the most unique animal-themed arcade parkour gameplay.

Not only will the players need to survive the race but they also need to power themselves up according to the characteristics of the animals that they pick. A wide range of options such as rabbits, turtles, dolphins, rhinos, and even frogs is available for selection in the game. Depending on the upcoming race tracks or the problems that you are tackling, pick a suitable character to utilize its advantage and skill. If you are one of those players who are good at swimming, go with the fish. Or choose the eagles if the race is about flying, rabbits for long-distance running.

It's crucial to pick the skills you need to win each layout and distinguished game, so use your collection of characters wisely and pick carefully. Enjoy the interesting gameplay as well as the intuitive interface, embedded with the cutest design of characters for kids! Are you ready to go deeper into the forest and have fun with these animals?

How to play:

Click the mouse or use the touchpad to control and play.

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