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Mine City: Breakers game is in the category of Minecraft Games and you can play this free game at ABCya3 Games. Take control of the giant minercraft monster, rampage through the city and smash it to dust. The giant monster escape from the lab and is breaking all the city and you need to help to destroy everything in your way. Smash the people, buildings, vehicles, tanks, helicopters and everything in your way to break the city. Collect coins and upgrade your arsenal with have cannons, fire flames, speed and shields. Take care the monster and evade dangerous objects as mines, bombs, and many others. Eat people to increase your health when you need it. The police and army will try to stop you, show them who's boss.

In this game, you play as a ginormous monster who looks like an ordinary human being. Except for the fact that he is gigantic. He has escaped from the secret lab and is now in a rage to wreck and smash the city. Help him with this fun and enjoyable activity. Run around the city and crush people, overturn cars and cause destruction and chaos. For this, you will get cold coins which you can use later. The scientists don’t want to let you go, so they try to shoot you with bombs, flamethrowers, and others weapons. You have your personal health level. If your health level gets too low, for example, zero, you will die and lose.

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How to play:

Use the mouse to shoot and the keyboard arrows to move forward and jump.

Touch on-screen buttons on mobile devices.

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