Parkour Boss game

Parkour Boss is a first-person parkour game, you can play free online at abcya-3. You will move along the platforms, seeing them in front of you, as if running and jumping yourself. Each section of the road is separated by gaps filled with fiery lava. It needs to be jumped over. To move, use the arrows to stay within the platform you will be landing on. A small circle, visible from the front, will become a guide for you, so that you do not fall off, jump by pressing the spacebar. If the space to jump over is too wide, you will need a good run in Parkour Boss.

This is another running adventure that will test your reflexes and reaction in no time. The genre is extremely popular, but playing one and the same game becomes boring very soon. So developers keep impressing their big audience with new plots and scenarios. This time, you are to run along the platforms and reach the destination without major incidents. If you love this type of online entertainment, you know well that there are no mistakes allowed while you are moving. Are you ready to prove again you are smart enough for any trial?

How to play: Use mouse to play!

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