Super Friday Night Funki vs Minedcraft game

Super Friday Night Funkin vs Minecraft is a fast pace reflexive game back with another rival. Hello, friends we all love and are very well known about the game Friday night funkin right, here is the other version of the fnf game. In this game, we have Minecraft creepers as our opponents. Continue your journey to conquer your Girlfriend's heart with your friend Steve and many creepers and creatures with new Songs. Select the songs and feel the beat and select the perfect symbol at the exact time, be quick with your responses and achieve high scores.

In the new exciting this game, representatives of two famous cartoon universes will appear together in a musical battle. You will help your hero to win him. Your character will appear on the screen with a microphone in hand. He will stand near a tape recorder from which music will come out according to the signal. There will be arrows above the character, which will start to light up in a certain sequence.

Instruction to play:

Using the control keys, you will have to press them in the correct sequence as they light up. If you did everything right, then your hero will dance and sing and you will win the battle.

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