Steve and Alex Skibidi Toilet game

The skibidi toilet monster is chasing you need to escape urgently, hey steve and alex, save yourself. While the monster is chasing you, collect the emeralds you need to collect, then you can buy yourself an outfit with them. If the monster catches you, you will lose. you will never be caught by the beast. 

Steve and Alex: Skibidi Toilet is a 2D endless runner game where you must outrun the Skibidi Toilet monster. Avoid the creature at all costs while collecting emeralds to unlock extra skins.

In the game Steve and Alex Skibidi Toilet, they chose the world of Minecraft and expected the noobs to accept their fate and not resist, but Steve and Alex got in their way. These desperate guys are not going to turn into singing monsters, and therefore they decided to fight back hard, but they will need your help. You will be given the option to select a game mode. So you can compete with Skibidi alone or invite a friend and have some fun with him. Take control of a character and help him escape from persecution, and for this you will have to overcome a variety of obstacles, jump over gaps between platforms and overcome high rises.

Skibidi's dexterity is unparalleled, so you'll have to make the most of your efforts to save the characters and leave the villain with a nose in Steve and Alex Skibidi Toilet. Each completed level will be rewarded and you will be able to improve the characteristics of Steve and Alex, making it easier for your heroes to complete the game.

Game controls:

Steve , Press WASD key to move and jump.

Alex, Press the Arrow keys to move and jump.

Mobile control available

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