Noob vs Pro Stick War game

Noob Vs Pro Stick War is a battle strategy game with Noob diggers and Noob warriors. Looks like war legacy but in space with fun animations. The fight between the guy and the stickman is very tense. You will play the role of the noob's worker manager. He has an army that specializes in mining, but mining has difficulty entering the land dominated by the stickmen.

Mining will take place discreetly and silently. If the stickman finds out, it will lead to a very bloody fight. But eventually, something will have to happen. All your preparation will not be superfluous. You will control your workers to use tools to exploit minerals, which are stone statues of construction stick people. In other words, you are entering enemy territory. You are very cautious. Experience the online game Noob Vs Pro Stick War at ABCya-3 to get more new experiences. Get started with this fascinating game. Tap or click to buy new workers for minerals and new warriors to fight.

Destroy your opponent's statue. Are you ready to do those things? Play now and get ready to discover all the heavyweights waiting for you. Stickman will not hinder your mineral enrichment process. Show your quick wits and care to do it. Captivate all players with your ingenuity. Share with them the fun, and uniqueness of the game. The gameplay is simple, you will be used to many new levels and transitions to different states.

How to play:

Touch the screen or use the mouse to play.

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Stickman vs Monster School Team

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