Monster School Challenges game

Monster School Challenges brings you to the Minecraft-alike world and here at, you won’t mine, craft, and go adventure but go to the monster school and learn and play with 7 monsters. Your ultimate goal here is to help 7 monsters get an A in each lesson. There are 3 lessons in total and each lesson will test 7 monsters’ skills in different challenges. It’s both fun and scary to join those challenges.

The first lesson is to flip the bottle. This is a physical-based challenge in which each monster has to flip the bottle. When they flip the bottle successfully, they get an A. Otherwise, they get an F. Each student has only one chance. The teacher won’t give them the second chance to do the test again. The second lesson is parkour. Here, 7 students have to run and jump their way through a lot of obstacles. If they can survive and reach the finish line, they get an A. If they fail, they will get an F. Because each student auto-runs forwards in this challenge, you will find it hard to timely deal with each obstacle.

You have to stay focused and observe to help them land in a safe place. So, what about the third lesson? It’s a fun lesson about roller coasters. They will sit on a minecart and roll through a mine on a mine railway. They have to jump over TNTs. If they fail to jump over the TNT, you know what will happen to them, right? They explode and get an F. That's all you get in monster school. Can you keep your life safe to leave this school? Good luck and discover other games such as Mr Noob Vs Zombies and Noob Vs 1000 Zombies!.

Instructions: Mouse to move, S to stop, and Space to jump.

Published by company: Stickman vs Monster School Team
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