Noob Miner: Escape from prison game

Noob Miner: Escape from prison is one of the new games that players should join at Get resources, buy new stuff, eat cake, blow things up with dynamite, and find a way to escape from prison. You can help Noob with new quests and share how to play to perfect countless online games today. Exploit more resources to serve your journey. Let's destroy the walls and help our characters escape the prison. If you love Minecraft games, the Noob version can satisfy you. With this special content, we help players relax after every working hour.

Discover tons of fun games that we keep you updated on. You can join the first rounds to gain experience out of prison in the later rounds. Expand the list of online games to join and learn the skills of games with the same theme. What game would you like to join today? Countless players can't afford to miss the online game options. Suggest game options and gameplay through our updated version of Noob to countless players around the world. Will you win this game with a new way of playing? Expand your list of favorite online games today and become an online hero.

ABCya3 free game has many Noob games and players can easily choose to join this special journey. Noob needs to find a way to escape from prison. Collect all the items that will help your journey. Follow gameplay tips and tricks to discover and complete every challenge. Will you learn different lessons through this Minecraft world? Help Noob become the new hero with the prison escape game.


WASD\Arrows - Move

LCM - Remove

PCM block - Install

E block - Open inventory or shop ESC - Pause

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