Parkour Block Xmas Special game

Parkour Block Xmas Special is a wintry platform game where you can run and jump through a snowy pixel landscape full of Christmas trees and experience new adventures.

In the world of Minecraft, they love winter with all its traditional holidays and entertainment, but they especially love Christmas. To celebrate this holiday, it was decided to organize a themed parkour competition, and you can participate in this competition in the game Parkour Block Xmas Special. The route will be very different from the previous ones as it will include fir trees and ice formations. You need to skillfully jump from one to another and it will not be as easy as it seems at first glance. They will all be different heights and the distance between them will be different.

How to play:

Control your Minecraft character with WASD and jump with the spacebar. Use the left Shift key to pick up your legs and run even faster. Use Escape to get out of the game again. On your smartphone, play Parkour Block Xmas Special by swiping and tapping. Then explore a new world of adventure and run and jump through a snowy landscape full of conifers to the finish!

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Poly Games

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