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One fine day, you received a letter from a relative addressed to you. In that letter, your relative wants you to manage a large farm in a remote area. Are you ready to take on this challenge? Explore the Royal Society at abcya3 games and become a brilliant manager. I believe you will be fascinated by this game because the graphics are very vivid and eye-catching. You will feel like in a peaceful farm in a cool and happy land. In this farm, flowers will grow everywhere and they make a very interesting country picture.

Your task is to manage the farm, take care of flowers, raise cows, goats, chickens or pigs. In addition, you will also have some other jobs such as planting rice, collecting eggs to sell, milking cows or cleaning the garden. You will become a real farmer but extremely fun. Royal Society will not only bring you an interesting experience, but it will also help you fulfill your dream to become a real farmer. This game you can arrange everything according to your taste. You will have a small house with full equipment, a large garden to grow flowers, a farm to raise livestock and live happily with nature in a peaceful land.

Everything is like a fairy tale and I believe you will feel extremely relaxed and excited to start this game. This game has extremely dynamic motion, everything will move like the real thing, so you will feel like in a real world. I am really hooked and excited to start this exciting game. 


Desktop control: Use mouse to play.

Mobile control: Touch the screen directly.

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