Food Empire Inc game

Improve the production capacity in your company when joining the game Food Empire Inc. Use your hard-earned money. You can completely develop when participating in this game. Complete your sky farm missions and become a high-tech billionaire in this idle farming game. Grow lettuce, strawberries, watermelon, lavender, mint, carrots, tomatoes, and even ginseng in the sky.

This is a rewarding farm game. Any player can join in their spare time. You will not be bothered by ads during gameplay. Use employee management to improve your productivity and reduce your workload. This is an effective way. Use coins to upgrade your activity. Hire sophisticated managers to automate your tasks. They will help you work faster. Attract investors to join your sky farm business and make money with tons of profits. Grow crops and transport harvests to the ground by elevator. Finally, move them to the warehouse to sell and earn money. Use the money you have to upgrade this sky farm. In the new games at, you can hardly miss the journey we have updated.

Enjoy the moment when you upgrade to the highest levels and earn a lot of money. Balance production, transportation, and warehousing. What is the most money you have earned in this job? Run your company and perfect the game with different levels. Many players have won our online game without any disturbance. Expand your online game list today. You will love this game.


Use the left mouse button to upgrade jobs and hire farm personnel

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