Trap Craft game

Zombies started attacking hard and we should craft some traps on their way as much as possible. They want to destroy your houses and they want to destroy everything alive. You have various weapons like bows, swords, stick traps, and more. Use these tools and weapons to not let the zombies pass over your house. Use your power-ups when you cannot stop the zombie waves.

Test your wits in this Trap Craft game by building the greatest line of defense you can imagine! Build a set of dangerous death traps to prevent the hundreds of zombies that are rushing towards the school of monsters from gaining access to its interior through the various magical portals. Use various weapons to slay the zombies. The game has a Noob, a Pro, a Princess and other school characters, each one with his own wish which our protagonist is ready to fulfill by overcoming all his challenges. Invest wisely every coin you earn, wield your sword with all the strength you have and get ready to wield it against zombies. Exterminate the enemy without mercy! Brave enough to stay alive? Enjoy playing this game here at!

Game Controls:

  • Use the mouse to play
  • At the start of each levels you can choose the traps and weapons you want to use
  • To place a trap, click, hold, and drag it to the place you want; release to install the trap
  • During each wave, use the arrow keys or WASD to walk
  • Tap the weapon button to shoot/attack

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Mirra Games

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