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Kings Clash is the ultimate battle game that kids from ABCya3 online game have been enjoying for quite a while now! Your main task in this game is to secure your towers, kingdom, and warriors while counter-attacking the opponents. Other kingdom's armies will constantly be conducting attack waves into your kingdom with an increasing number of soldiers and warriors, therefore, stay focused and be prepared for any wave that is coming! The work includes distributing the army into the battlefield and merging minions and teams to get higher-ranked heroes and archers.

Each warrior comes with his or her unique fighting advantage, therefore, a good commander will be able to merge well and utilize their techniques for winning chances. Several types of combat weapons are available in this game as well as a variety of equipment that you can use to capture the other castles. Make sure to use the resources to increase your territories and influence in order to claim the title of the most powerful commander among the bunch! Thanks to the 3D graphics, these battles come to life and excite the players here at!

Do you know how to place and monitor the units and troops for the quickest win with a limited amount of resources? This game is controlled by taps and dragging motions, which are suitable for all types of devices as well as screen displays. Let's hit this battlefield and get more reinforcements to score the most victories!

How to play:

Use the mouse cursor or the touchpad to control the troops and move them around the field.

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Lipsar Studio LLC

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