Idle Craft 3D game

The new world appearing in Idle Craft 3d has attracted many online game players around the world. Complete the challenge and get ready for every fight you have today. ABCya 3 free games always introduce a new journey for players. Join this fascinating casual game if you want to spend a lot of your free time exploring interesting game content. A clear blue meteor shower has leveled your house to the ground. Each job is attractive to online players in different ways.

Complete your mission excellently. Here begins the reconstruction. You need to hire workers to work around the clock. Use the gold you earn to unlock new missions. The unlimited number of employees. Sometimes they will fall asleep from exhaustion. Elders should be summoned to awaken them. This game helps you to appreciate the hard work and spirit of anonymous workers. With beautiful and colorful graphics, the game has an intuitive interface, easy control will be an interesting genre that you cannot miss. Complete quests and build your special construction now.

Follow our tutorials at Save money to use and hire new labor appropriately. The amount that you earn more and more. Spend wisely with any construction work of this game. You are looking forward to the new house being completed. What exciting things are waiting for you? Show off your gaming skills with the many new games we introduce. The list of the latest online games is constantly updated and introduced to players around the world. Unlock different levels now.


Use the left mouse button to build with the number of workers you have set

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