Ropeman 3D game

Ropeman 3D is an exciting first-person shooter in which you control a very dexterous hero armed with a rope gun. Forget about guns and martial arts, in this fun free online game you will feel like Spider-Man, using the string drawn from his gauntlet to eliminate all the bad guys and save innocent people.

With Ropeman 3D, get ready to take down the bad guys! The future of this beautiful city lies on your shoulders. You must use your power to destroy the ones who try to destroy your town. It won't be easy, maybe but, you must be brave and ready to face them. Use your hope to take the mafias down! Hurry up, though! If they detect you, they won't blink before taking a shot at you. Let the fight begin now!

In every level you will have to shoot your rope and pull in the right direction to kill all the attackers. You can also pull down helicopters or explosive barrels, or even use your shots to stop incoming bullets. This guy is amazing! Have fun playing this free online game Ropeman 3D on!

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Mouse/touch to play this game.

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