Agent Fight 3D game

Agent Fight 3D is a game about fighting between two opponents with boxing techniques. You will play and master your fighting skills with your opponents. Together we will train our perseverance and agility. Join interesting friends and share a lot of fun with them. You will update new features when participating in this game. Ready to be able to beat a lot of opponents in very new schemes. You will build your strategy and it will be perfect.

Enjoy that funny moment when challenging and see who will be the winner. Do you have confidence in yourself when competing? Experience a lot of new and unexpected things. More fun! Welcome to Agent Fight 3D online game at abcya3. It's an addictive fighting game. You can choose from a range of skills, hold the screen to attack and when the red text appears, release to defend and dodge enemy attacks. Ready to fight? Join us and hone your fighting skills to become a superhero in the matchmaking battle world! Your opponent is quite knowledgeable about fighting techniques, they assume that you will have certain weaknesses. Let's share a lot of defensive skills, and flexible combat skills to grasp all those tactics.

Take advantage to be able to overwhelm the opponent. You completely turn all those weaknesses into strengths. The gameplay is very simple but requires you to focus, and definitively find the weak points of the opponent to fight. Ready to explore a lot of new things. Unique graphics attract players. Feel more than expert combat!


Use the mouse to join the game.

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