Giant Attack game

Giant Attack is a fun gaming experience that combines strategic thinking with fast-paced action. In this dynamic game, you'll find yourself facing towering giants and cunning smaller adversaries, all while harnessing your power to ascend to supremacy. Your journey in Giant Attack unfolds across a series of engaging levels, each presenting its unique challenges. Your primary goal is to strategically position your character to collect colorful objects scattered throughout the battlefield. These objects, when gathered, are automatically hurled at your enemies, unleashing devastating attacks.

Your objective is to vanquish both towering giants and crafty enemies of a lower scale. Find a good vantage point to pick up colorful things, and then watch as your character automatically tosses them at nearby foes to smash them. You will receive a supercharge that will allow you to expand in size and strength so that you may throw even more massive and destructive weapons.

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Controling key:

Use your mouse to play.

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Famobi GmbH

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