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If you love something competitive, nothing is better than a game in which you will race against a lot of people like Fall Days. In this game, you will join 10 epic running and jumping races for the first rank. About 10 to 40 people are joining a race and each race lasts 70 seconds. A race ends when you reach the finish line. You can see your rank and other opponents’ rank by looking at the bar at the bottom of the screen.The interesting thing about these races is that you will be back to the starting line each time you fall or step on an obstacle. You will enter the next race when you reach the finish line and each race is different.

Your main goal is to get the first rank and get crowns. Keep it in mind. Even though you can move to the next race once you cross the finish line, you should race for no.1. Just jump over every single obstacle you face on the track. You will be fine when you hit some obstacles but most of the time, you will die and have to start over.

You can slow down when you are about to jump over an obstacle to time your action more accurately. Running at max speed is the key to winning but this can put you at risk. You should know when to run fast and when to slow down a bit. Enjoy every single race and let’s see if each race has anything special. Don’t forget to unlock new skins for your character with crowns.

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Arrow keys or WASD.

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