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The faster you manage to navigate to the core of this game Hackthis!, the faster you will take over the device! This is a game for fun from ABCya3 land with hacker-themed gameplay and the title of best hacker in the virtual gaming world can be yours! Let's be brave and check if you will be unstoppable in this quest. The storyline and overall theme of this game are simple yet fun to enjoy. It's your chance to punish this bully by infiltrating his computer using your most malicious viruses.

As you reach the deepest corners of his hard drive, let's collect his most shameful secret and bypass all firewalls to get what you came here for. It's all about how long you can stay in this game without being wiped out, so try to avoid obstacles, mindful of firewalls, and learn to flexibly navigate. The most crucial thing in this io-inspired game will be the art of navigating using your mouse or finger. Do this with the swiftest movement to make sure that no other virus can attack you. Avoid firewalls and other obstacles as you are on your path to destruction. Also, try to collect all the scattered shameful items to upgrade your power.

The fun starts now as you are taking over the role of a hacker who has just infected this virtual system with a virus. Start the race of the vicious virus to reach the heart of the device and consume it all! Let's find out what shameful storage is stored in this poor guy's device! As you win some levels and gain coins, upgrade or unlock another version of the virus from the in-game store by clicking at https://abcya3games.net/. Improve your virus' damage range and win the game faster! Join plenty of other io games like Eat The Fish IO or Skibidi Toilet IO to showcase your talents later!

Instructions: Move using the mouse cursor.

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Ringier Axel Springer Polska

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