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Action games always give us many different emotions. So is Axe Master at You will have the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of a winner and show off your talent. Not only will you be entertained, but you can also practice many skills such as observation, precision shooting skills, and distance prediction. In particular, children may also love this game because it gives them a sense of stimulation.

The mission of Axe Master is that you have to throw the ax at the targets and make them break to win the score. In the early rounds, the level of the game is extremely easy, so you can easily pass. These rounds are to show you how to play and familiarize you with the rules of the game. The fun of Axe Master will lie in the following levels. The difficulty level will be significantly increased and you will not be able to easily pass without careful calculation. The number of targets will also increase significantly, and death traps will also appear everywhere.

You need to throw the ax towards the target and avoid colliding with the death traps, otherwise, the game will end immediately. In particular, the targets and death traps will move continuously and do not follow any rules. So you can easily throw axes into death traps because they are constantly moving around the target. Try to judge and find the most suitable opportunity to throw the ax at the target and win. Are you ready to conquer this exciting action game?


Use the mouse to throw your ax or tap on the screen.

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