Birdy Trick game

Birdy Trick brings a new version of the virtual game Flappy Bird, however, instead of the classic gameplay, you will get to have a blast with this new setting and new platform. A new layout and different sets of obstacles will be the highlights of this spectacular game for kids at! The main task and rule remain unchanged, which is to control small birdy and help it fly up and down along the route. The flying movement of the bird will depend on the timing of your click.

Every click initiates a new momentum to make it bounce upward so that the bird can continue to keep the aptitude on air. One of the hardest tasks is the need to cross innumerable obstacles, ranging from high mountains to floating dark clouds or bigger birds approaching from time to time. Tons of dangerous birds are waiting to capture your little main character and sweep it out of the game, so be careful and steer clear of them to avoid any attack. To avoid all the obstacles while gaining stars, it's crucial to keep an eye on the positions of the items so that you can estimate the length and how many times you need to bounce up.

With the correct movements at the right timing, learn how to utilize and take advantage of your skills to gain the top record of this free ABCya3 game online! Despite the difficulties in controlling the bird's movement at first, you will soon learn that other obstacles will only be a matter of timing when you manage to master the bird's total moves.

How to play:

Click on the screen or tap on the screen to make the bird bounce.

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