Bomb It 8 game

Come play Bomb It 8, the long-awaited new free action-adventure game in the Bomb It franchise! With all-new game elements like characters, challenges, and unlockable bonuses, this new installment is more engaging than ever.

This is the latest version in the series of 2-player bombing games - The latest Bomb IT has arrived at GameVui. All that you expect has come true, not boring, very attractive and fun although the gameplay still revolves around bombing to defeat the enemy, but this time you can only Play as 1 player, against 2, 3 or 4 opponents.

Coming to Boom IT 8, players will experience nearly 20 levels, there will be different tasks for you. From collecting gold coins to destroying enemy troops. All will promise a not easy game for you! Let's click to play Bomb iT 8 game guys!

How to play: 

Bomb: "SPACE"

Published by company:

Azerion Casual Games

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