Bounce and Collect game

Bounce And Collect is a game about tipping cups of balls going through a variety of obstacles. By experiencing this game you can enhance your control of speed, testing your abilities in using both hands and eyes.

Your mission is to collect balls by increasing the number exponentially using bonus areas with multiplication factors.

Can you make it?

Collect as many balls as possible. It's your mission to join the online game Bounce And Collect at Conquer new levels and get gold stars when playing this game. What are you waiting for? Explore the game now and overcome those challenges with your friends. You will definitely like it. Not a bad experience here. All will be in Bounce And Collect.

You will play in a ball formation, with lots of partitions to throw the ball. You should choose partitions with a larger multiplier to cast more balls. The simple game offers an engaging ball collecting experience by increasing their number exponentially using the bonus areas with the multiplier. Collect as many balls as you can! The green areas with numbers show the multiplying speed of the balls. The red areas indicate how many balls are needed to open the respective passage. Choose the most profitable flight trajectory and achieve victory!

You will participate in simple levels, many levels, and must complete them excellently. You will cleverly choose the right direction to open the path with many shadows. The more you pour, the higher the chance of winning. Each level will have its own version to choose from. After completing the excellent level, you will be rewarded with valuable gold stars because you deserve it. Wish you success! Will you conquer all the levels? Show your bravery.

How To Play:

Use a mouse to play or touch the screen.

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