Count Master 3D game

If you feel a lot of new points in this fascinating version. We will play Count Master 3D online game.You will have a chance to feel a lot of it. Play together and conquer as many new points in this exciting version of the fight. Count Master 3D is a fun action game. Let's start with capturing some castles. You can drag the formula below to add soldiers. You can also strengthen your soldiers with weapons to increase attack power.

Interesting gameplay in this genre. Beautiful and colorful graphics. Intuitive interface. Easy controls. You will work with your teammates to defeat the enemy and conquer the opponent's castle. To do that quickly, you need to move forward and not be afraid. You will discover a lot of surprises together. More fun. Great chance to play Count Master 3D online game at Are you ready to play now? Let's make one surprise after another. You will be supported by friends. Be the leader of a powerful army and fight hard.

Upgrade your army with a reasonable number to defeat the enemy. Your team is blue and your opponent is red. Let's start as soon as you have enough warriors. Move forward to destroy all enemies. Their ambition is great. The game has many levels. How many levels will you pass and how many scores will you get? It all depends on your ingenuity. Destroy that destructive evil with your victory.

Game controls:

Use your mouse or touch the screen to upgrade your army.

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