Crazy Tunnel 3D game

All the planets in the solar system don’t rotate in their orbit anymore. They will ride a roller coaster. Do you want to join them? In Crazy Tunnel 3D, be well-prepared to roll with your favorite planet through the craziest tunnel ever. This tunnel is full of deadly obstacles that can make your planet break whenever you’re not careful. It is just like an endless runner game where your main objective is to reach the furthest. However, in this game, you won’t have any power-ups to collect. It’s just about rolling and avoiding obstacles.

Interestingly, the tunnel has a different design in each section. It seems you will have different gaming experiences in only one game. Sometimes, you just need to move to the left and right to avoid obstacles. Sometimes, you have to rotate around the tunnel to dodge deadly traps. Furthermore, you have to jump over the barrier as well. Your hand-eye coordination and reflexes are put to a test. You don’t have time to rest in this challenging game at You have to pay attention and don't take your eyes off the screen. Keep rolling forwards to set your own record.

If you fail, don’t give up. Have another try and manage to pass the achievement that you gain previously. Move sideways, rotate around, avoid, fly over obstacles and unlock other planets, then have a fun rolling journey with each of them. As mentioned above, it's like an endless runner game but it's not an endless runner game either. You will discover something interesting and unique while playing.


Left/right arrow keys or mouse.

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