Crazy Tycoon game

Crazy Tycoon is a simulation / idle game in which you will have to try to become the richest personality in the world. Develop your business, expand your city and earn money and fame to compete with the mayors of other big cities. Build businesses to get rich, recruit employees and upgrade your buildings to increase profitability. If your city is attractive many various personalities will come to live there. You will be able to improve levels, stats and get equipment for each of them, this will be useful during clashes with celebrities from other cities. These businessman duels will be ruthless and will cost a lot of money, make sure you always have enough cash to defeat all your opponents! As you progress and become richer, other game mods will unlock. There will be plenty of activities to do in Crazy Tycoon and you will never get bored!

How to play:

You can use your mouse to play.

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