Dashing Birds game

Do you want to find a game simple enough for everyone can play but challenging enough for you to spend more time playing? Dashing Birds is here at ABCya3 for you. Simple look but hard to master gameplay, you even find it hard to get a high score but this won’t make you give up, you will have more motivation to keep trying. This game can be played by 1 player or 2 players. You can play the game alone or with another one that each player controls a bird.

When playing along, you must be more careful and flexible as you control both of the birds. That is hard to control a bird, but it’s even harder if you have to control both of them with both hands. So what you need to do here is to take control of 2 birds and help them avoid the missiles come from the bottom and the top of the screen. Getting the highest score is your main goal. To achieve it, you must help the birds dodge as many rockets as possible.

The graphics of this game are so nice but don’t make it take your attention because you have to stay focused on the mission. Over time, the game becomes more challenging as more rockets appear and they appear from the unpredictable direction. The position of each bird also changes as you advance.


Use your left and right arrow to control 2 birds.

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