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Dodge Hero is a fun dodging and shooting game in which you play as a secret agent, and your mission is to kill all bad guys. Here at ABCya-3, you just need to move your character to the left or the right to dodge and pick up weapons, and try to shoot down all enemies before your gun runs out of bullets. Yes, a gun has short-term usage. Look at the circle on the left side of the screen. An empty circle means that the gun is useless.

If your gun runs out of bullets, you can’t jump to dodge enemies. Instead, enemies will kill you. It means you can’t dodge their attacks by any means. Dodge the security system and shoot directly at the guards. You clear the mission only when all enemies are eliminated and you reach the finish line. Each level requires you to pass some obstacles such as boxes, lasers, and so on, and kill a certain number of enemies. With a successful mission, you earn some money. Let’s see how much money you have after finishing this game.

However, money is used for nothing here. You can’t use the money to upgrade your character or unlock new weapons because the game doesn’t offer those options. Money here is like an achievement that you want to get. Like other level-based games out there, the challenging level of the game won’t be the same from the first to the last level. You will find the mission a little more challenging as you advance in numbered order. That keeps the game more addicting, right?

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