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This ABCya3 new game of Draw Attack Draw will be a test for your ability to draw, scribble, or write in order to release an army for each wave of attack! If you would like to win the battle, this strategy game will require much more than just pushing soldiers up the front line. You will have to come up with a decent smart war strategy to not only optimize the limited number of soldiers that you have but also to protect your homeland from the huge waves of enemies.

You must first be aware of each soldier type's roles as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Start engaging in combat to defend your base once you have mastered them. Just draw any line you like on the board. The soldiers will be sent out as necessary as long as the line is contained within the frame or the dotted boundary. Simply create any line you want on the battlefield, then let the combatants begin to engage one another.

It's crucial to get to know the function of each soldier properly so that you can choose which one to dispatch. For example, Swordman is low-cost with fast movement, while Archer attacks from a further distance to bring better efficiency. There is a 2x ink from the game which will help you clear the levels faster and it's highly recommended for tough crowded ones. You can use the earned coins to unlock other higher-graded soldiers or purchase boosters from the store. Increase your chance of winning by diversifying the number of soldiers on the field as soon as possible! If you can win the game using the least number of soldiers, there will be rewards for combos as well!

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Use the mouse cursor to draw a line.

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