Impostor Archer War game

There is an enjoyable game that you should not miss. It’s Impostor Archer War. Just try the first level and you can’t wait to explore all levels. You can play this game for free at any time along with tons of choices at You will enter 30 battles where you have to defeat your opponent with your bow and arrows. Your Among Us character auto-shoots. All you need to do is to help him avoid attacks from the enemy.

Yes, move to the left and right accordingly to dodge upcoming arrows. Your original character just has 40 HP. As you level up, you deal with stronger enemies. Then it’s impossible to defeat them if you have only 40 HP. However, by unlocking new characters with better stats and making use of upgrades, you can send your enemy to hell. On ABCya stickman game, you have 5 upgrades. Each gives you a special arrow with a special effect. Each upgrade also has a cooldown. You have to wait until you can use another one. To shoot at the enemy accurately, you and your enemy must stay still. If one of you moves, you and he can’t shoot at each other.

So take your time to aim and shoot. Take advantage of the moment when your enemy stays still and shoots him with special arrows to kill him faster. If you can beat your enemy in terms of HP, you can kill them with your skills and upgrades. 30 levels are 30 battles where you can find so much fun. There is the only way to end this epic war is to kill each enemy before they kill you.

How to play:

Left and right arrow keys to avoid being shot.

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