Island Survival 3D game

Island Survival 3D is a survival game but it may be totally different from what you think. When you look at its name, you may consider that your mission is to try to survive on an abandoned island without any help. You have to build a shelter to stay at night to protect yourself from animals. You have to create tools to hunt animals or catch fish. You have to collect food and other stuff but all is wrong.

At ABCya-3, your main goal is to keep a ball finish its journey successfully in each stage. You must keep this ball safe from all dangers on the island. To do that, you lead the ball to move forwards, turn to the left and right if needed. You can’t do much here, just control the ball to move. The journey that that ball has to complete is very dangerous. So many obstacles appear and they are there to stop the ball and make you fail.

Don’t let them do that and prove that you are skillful enough to deal with them. In each stage, you have 5 lives. When the ball falls or explodes at any point, it will revive and continue its journey at that point. As the game processes, you will find it harder to play. However, harder challenges mean more achievement. You will be happier each time you conquer a stage. Good luck and have fun! Don’t forget to check out other choices such as Snake Island 3D and Ball Surfer 3D.

How to play:

WASD or arrow keys to move,

drag left button to the left and right to change the camera view.

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